Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why We Buy Birthday Cards Online

Every year, you celebrate a special day that is all yours. It's the day when you came to the world, a day known as your birthday. On this special day of yours, what kind of things do you receive? Do you get phone calls from loved ones? Do you get gifts of all kinds? Or do you receive something special in the mail? Free e-cards are among the most popular options for greeting a person on his or her special day, especially if the celebrator lives far away.
Free e-cards, even during the age of electronic greeting cards and email, are still a great way to say hello to someone and wish him well as he turns a year older. It is such a popular way of greeting, that there have been sources that say 7 billion birthday cards are sent in the United States every year, even more than any other type of greeting cards.
The history of the greeting card dates back to about 200 years, and the first cards were sent in England more than 100 years ago. It has been said that birthday cards are intended for well-wishing a loved one or a friend, especially during his special day. During the earliest years of personalized and painted greeting cards, having them sent to a person was expensive. But when postage stamps were introduced, mailing greeting cards and birthday cards became affordable. Which probably explains why almost everybody sends them out every year.
Cards today come in various brands, with equally numerous colours, sizes, styles, and messages. You can see birthday cards written for almost any age of the celebrator, whether it is the first birthday, or the sixty-first. Plus, you can even choose a card that best suits the personality of the person you are sending it to. There are now pop up cards and musical cards, which play the "Happy Birthday to You" song when you open it up. By the way, did you know that the Happy Birthday song is the most widely sung melody in the world?
Why else do we send free e-cards cards? Is it just to say hello or wish someone well? Free e-cards, just like any type of greeting card created for various occasions, let a person reach out to someone, even without the use of a telephone, a fax, or astamp. Birthday cards, though old fashioned, are still a great way to let someone know you care, and that you cared enough to remember them on their special day. However ecards are free and much easier to send.
Ecards are now even available on line over the internet and you can send them for free. You can choose the e cards on line and have them emailed directly to the recipient. You may even choose your own designs for greeting cards or birthday cards and type in your own personalized message. Your birthday wishes will come out as animations with music.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Free Birthday Ecards - Special Gift for Loved Ones

If you are thinking about surprising friends or family on their birthday, then free birthday ecards are the perfect choice. They will surely put a smile on their faces and brighten their day, especially if the card's message has a special meaning for them.
Have you forgotten about someone's birthday or you want to surprise the loved ones that live very far away from you? You might want to turn your attention to an easy, fast, innovative and, at the same time, inexpensive way to send your wishes: no cost birthday ecards. All you have to do is select a birthday ecard, personalize it with music and a message, and then send it online. It is as simple as that.
If you have never sent an online card before, you should know that sending free birthday ecards is quite easy and accessible to everyone. With the continuous development of the internet, birthday cards have also become more and more complex and varied. The internet is full of websites having various collections of free ecards, depending on the occasion, including birthday cards as well.
Why should you choose an ecard instead of the traditional birthday card?
One advantage of ecards is that they get to the recipient a lot faster. If there is no time for buying a gift or sending a usual card, you can always send an ecard.
Ecards do not need to be dusted and do not degrade over years. You can access yours on your computer whenever and wherever you want, even if you are far away from home.
Another great thing about ecards is that they are free, therefore an affordable gift for everyone.
Specialized websites offer the sender a great array of possibilities to personalize an ecard and make it the perfect gift. What is great about ecards is that they offer a plenty of design choices and, most importantly, they give you the possibility to personalize text fonts and colors, and to add pictures, music and flash animation. Therefore, you have the freedom to create a unique card for the special ones. And if you are lacking ideas, then you can always find birthday ecards with the best pre-defined messages.
An image is worth more than words, and an animated ecard can sometimes be more expressive than a usual birthday card.
Free birthday ecards are organized in collections according to various criteria.They may be organized by content, by receiver or by tone. You will surely find 3D animated ecards, musical or talking ecards. You can choose from funny, romantic or traditional happy birthday wishes and find the perfect birthday ecard depending on the receiver: member of the family, friend, spouse or a work colleague.

Don't wait, send free birthday ecards to your friends and loved ones today. Put a smile on their face and send a memory that will last a lifetime.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Simple Free Birthday E-cards Yet Loads Of Fun

Birthdays are really something. Its like a day when everything is on you. You got special treatments from the people they love and let's not forget that gifts that's coming your way.
A simple "happy birthday" would surely bring huge smile on the celebrant. But what if you send a Birthday Ecard with bells and whistle and eye grabbing animation. Think how would it make the celebrant feel? Ecstatic I bet.
Nowadays, it is common in many cultures to celebrate birthdays. Celebration may come in giving parties, showering gifts or acceding to the celebrator's wishes.
How do people celebrate birthdays? English-speaking countries celebrate birthdays by preparing foods especially cakes. Together they will sing Happy Birthday to You. Said song is so famed that it has gained several translations. In Poland, people sing 'Sto lat'. In Netherlands, they have their version called 'Lang zal hij/zij leven'. In Germany, they also have 'Zum Geburstag Viel Gl├╝ck'. These are not the only translations we have these days. In fact, there are so many that one can lose his count.
Birthday cake is a globally used symbol. It is usually vastly decorated and is covered with candles. The number of candles placed on it signifies the age of the celebrator. However, when it becomes harder for the celebrator to blow out the candles, one candle may be equated with one decade. Thus, a forty year-old woman only needed 4 candles for her cake.
As the celebrator blows out the candles, he makes a wish. After that, every one is invited to eat and enjoy.
Celebrating birthdays can be a very feisty one. Nonetheless, you can still make your loved one's birthdays a memorable one without exactly being there physically.
Free birthday e-cards are the best solution to make the celebrator's smile stretch a little wider and his birthday even finer.
Free birthday e-card is the easiest way to say your wishes for the birthday girls and boys. If you wish them that dreams may be reached, love will linger or simply make the sun shine brighter for them, free birthday e-cards can be your trustworthy messenger.
Now, you will no longer worry about crossing the miles just to greet a dear celebrator. Your mom, dad, brother, sister, nephew, niece, granny, aunt, uncle, best friend or any body may be waiting for a sparkling wish or a heartfelt greeting. Don't keep them waiting, just a few clicks on the mouse can give you your desired free birthday e-cards.
Free birthday e-cards come in thousands of designs. If you wanted your free birthday e-cards to be animated there is a wide-array of e-cards which feature flash and java designs. If you wanted your free birthday e-cards to be in a special language like Spanish, there are sites which offer the same.
To make your free birthday e-cards more appealing, you can add the favorite music of the celebrator and add a personal message to the e-card. That way, your birthday greeting through free birthday e-cards will be surely cheer the celebrator.
Free birthday e-cards can be your saving grace when you need an instant present for your loved ones. You need not worry of taking extra effort or spending a dime. Free birthday e-cards are absolutely for free.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Free Love Birthday Cards

Birthday celebrations, for the simple fact that they happen only once a year, gain a very special disposition in our life. It is the day we are treated more considerately, a day that is supposed to be full of joy and happiness, when we receive lots of gifts, the perfect day for the people that surround us to express their feelings toward us, in order to reflect our significance in their lives. Things get even more serious when talking about your loved one's birthday. Love is a very powerful feeling, capable of generating powerful actions, crazy gestures and deep dedications.
These dedications are a very important part of the gifts we send; especially when it comes to a person we love. Since the use of digital cards is not new to almost anyone, e-cards have nowadays the possibility to provide consistent databases of free love birthday cards. Based on customers' most popular choices, adapting to their needs, considering suggestions and also from everyday facts and happenings, it's very difficult not to find something appropriate to send to someone that you love on his/her birthday.
Animated cards, with flying hearts on the background, colorful designs, catchy themes, beautiful songs, videos or pictures, all come to help us send the best birthday card possible. But this is not always a very difficult job to do, because, since love is such a powerful feeling, we sometimes find it difficult to express it, even in a simple card. There are many factors one should consider when choosing the best free love birthday card to send, among which the depth of the relationship, for how long has it been going on, the things the recipient likes any many other.
Although every simple gesture is said to be appreciated, giving something simple and impersonal might generate negative reactions. Your gesture may be interpreted as a result of the lack of caring and, why not, of inspiration. And no one wants to be underestimated like that. So what left for us to do is a deep analysis of our relationship, and, afterward, an advanced search on the e-cards websites, for the best card possible.
If nothing seems to fit you, you can always come up with new ideas, you can design your own free love birthday e-card, thus being sure to send exactly what your partner would enjoy, you will have your message clearly understood, since e-cards websites also allow you to write the text on the card, and also prove your creativity and imagination.
Managing to successfully send one of these free love birthday cards to someone who really enjoys them is definitely a wonderful achievement. Your partner will feel loved and cared about, and you will, most certainly strengthen your relationship.

Love cards
The best ecards are available to be sent for free!
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sending Online Birthday Cards to Friends and Close Ones

Sending cards is a wonderful way to celebrate the day a person is born. Though you can celebrate this wonderful occasion in many possible ways, but no one can rule out the charm associated with sending a beautiful birthday card. You can choose a special birthday card for someone special in your life from a large variety of online cards with interesting and meaningful themes to highlight the importance of relationship you enjoy with the recipient. Moreover, it is a nice way to express your love, gratitude, and happiness to have that someone special in your life.
So, why not celebrate this beautiful day with colorful lights, delicious cake, aromatic candles and beautiful birthday cards? Though you can buy a card from a gift store and give it a personal touch by writing a personal message, but online e-card gallery is another option if you are looking for something different in life. You have the liberty to choose the card as per the age and personality of the recipient, and customize it by writing an electronic message.
While choosing a card for your family and friends, it is important to keep in mind their personality and taste. For example, you cannot select the same e-card for your mother and your beloved. If you are feeling confused, can browse through various categories, including happy birthday, family birthday, free birthday, friend's birthday, boyfriend birthday, girlfriend birthday, anniversary, and birthday fun cards.
Other than cards, there are various other categories for other people in your life, such as grandparent's birthday, in laws birthday, parents' birthday, birthday uncle-aunt, cousin birthday, birthday invitation, and much more.
An online card can help you remind the other person that you remember the occasion and consider it as a special day in your life too! You can easily find many beautiful cards, which are available for free. Some websites offer interesting musical birthday cards for free.
Why not make your friend's birthday a special by sending your warm wishes through a beautiful online birthday card?

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Free Birthday ECard

Sending birthday e-cards are very convenient since most are free, accessible and very much easy to send, thanks to electronic greeting cards. The impression when sending these Free Birthday eCard does have their pros and cons. Will your recipient feel disappointed with your free electronic birthday card and would think that you did not put in enough effort of sending her or him a well-thought of gift? They might think of it that way, frankly. Fortunately, a free birthday e-card can now be definitely taken as a pleasant gifting gesture.

When To Send It

In many websites, free birthday e-cards can be customized to be delivered in a specific date and time you choose. Search for romantic or funny e-cards one or two days ahead of the person's birthday. It is suggested to choose for the early in morning, since you definitely would want that someone to discover their birthday card waiting once they check their email in the break of day. When sending out birthday e-cards, make sure it would not be a last minute gesture to send out your greeting but to give the impression of being thoughtful and pleasant. Also, when delivered much earlier than it should be, the recipient will definitely think you have overlooked their birthday.

How To Make It

Websites that offer free birthday e-cards lets you customize your greeting preferences in less than three minutes. The conventional "Happy Birthday" is so out-of-date. You can add the recipient's name, and then add some of your personal thoughts and greetings underneath it. Once you personalized it, this electronic card can no longer be considered generic.

If your best friend is planning to throw a birthday party on Saturday, and yet her actual birthday is actually on Monday, you can always bring something as a present to her party. And to not let her think that you failed to remember the real date, your birthday e-card will be a windfall and she would definitely appreciate this very polite gesture.

Who To Send It To

Electronic cards should be sent to long distance friends, relatives and associates only. But if you are thinking of heeding to the tip mentioned above, you may also want to have a printed copy on hand if attending one of those birthday parties or joining the person for a lunch or dinner.

It is nice and polite to send out birthday greetings, though e-cards may frequently send out off the beam notions that may include you forgetting their special day or you are just too busy to bother. Your family and close friends do not deserve to get this impression and you must not let them have it.

In a nutshell, sending free birthday e-cards is a nice concept, very simple and quick to send; though not the greatest in getting the preeminent impression. A well thought-about effort or any extra step alike will denote a lot of gratitude to your recipient, may it be of anything that would cost you no more than ten bucks.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Select a Birthday Card Online

Free e-cards are said to be the most popular types of greeting cards that are sent and received by millions of people in the United States every year.

The revenues from birthday cards alone tops those of Christmas, Valentine, Get Well, and many more. About 60% of everyday greeting cards sold are sent to people on their birthdays. Having known these interesting facts, you probably are ready to choose an e-card and send it to that special someone.

What are the types of birthday cards you can purchase? Note that you must be able to select one that is most appropriate, and can best exemplify how that person means to you. Remember, greeting cards, especially birthday ones, are meant to let someone know that he or she is special. Here are some short descriptions on the types of categories out there.

Belated. Are you someone who seems to forget a lot of things lately? Perhaps one time or another, you have forgotten your friend's or relative's special day. Don't worry about it, you can still catch up and wish them well, by sending them belated birthday e-cards.

Milestones. As a person turns a year older, he or she passes another milestone in his or her life. You can send free e-cards made especially for people who reach milestones in their lives. Examples of these are Sweet Sixteen, or birthday ecards for 40th, 50th, or 60th.

Family. This category is perhaps the most commonly sent birthday ecards. The labels on these may be for mom, dad, brother, sister, grandpa, and others. All you have to do is choose one with a colour scheme and message that best suits the special birthday celebrator in your family.

Business. For companies that have many employees, business birthday e-cards are a common practice to show workers how much they are appreciated. Bosses send these special greetings on the special days of their employees.

Romantic. What more to show a loved one you really care by sending him or her a romantic one on his or her special day? Romantic birthday e-cards can wish someone a great day, as well as give the feel of Valentine's Day at any time of the year.

Spouse. Never forget the special day of your spouse again, and these birthday ecards made especially for a wife or husband can best show how much you love someone. You can imagine how many fun memories you can have by looking through those that you send each other every year.

Friends. If your old college friend turns a year older, why not send him a birthday e-card that reminds him of your fun times as buddies? Friend's greeting wishes are also very common types that are sent all over the world. You can select a design and message that symbolizes your friend well. For sure, he will be glad you remembered.

Funny. Laughter is the best medicine. When you send these humorous free e-cards with all the funny messages, your family member's or friend's special day will surely be unforgettable.

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