Monday, September 19, 2011

Free Greeting Cards

Google has over 28 million results when you search for free greeting cards. This is a segment of the market that has grown dramatically over the past few years. Free greeting cards come in various forms including online greeting cards, free ecards, animated cards as well as a few companies offering free printable greeting cards.

Their growth is simple. The cards are free. They are quick to deliver and it's easy to do. People who frequent such services like these facilities as well as the selection of what's on offer. Most free greeting card service companies offer a huge selection including animated and or flash cards.

Such cards appear impressive when they arrive in your inbox but can be subject to email deliverability dangers as well. Spam filters today can be set up with numerous messages that stop well intentioned card mail from ever getting into your inbox.

123 Greeting cards and Blue Mountain are the biggest providers offering their potential clients thousands of free cards to choose from. As well as potentially having deliverabilty issues, free birthday cards can also contain advertising from such providers as 123 Greetings. While most people don't mind supporting such companies by allowing their advertising to appear (actually you don't get a choice), there is a danger of your recipient moving away from your well meant card and them spending more time at the card company site. I'm sure they appreciated your card but when some people discover these cards can have music, flashes and animation, the temptation is too much. Your card is deleted and it's 'hello' free cards. Let's hope you are on your recipients return list.

While flashiness matbe a novelty, quality is something that shouldn't be. most free online cards including ecards look great on your computer but lose their quality once printed. You shoulkd never attempt to send yourself a free card and then print it with the mindset of posting it to friends or business colleagues.

Paper quality is generally inferior to printed greeting cards offered in card shops. Free online cards while quick and easy to use can also send a message to your recipient that they are part of a mass mail out. Feelings of not being special are also generally felt. If you are wanting to build business relationships, you should nver send free greeting cards. It says to the potential customer that they are not special and you can do without their business. Generally that is not the message you want to convey, but your cheapness has already conveyed that message sublimonally.

If you are wanting to mend a personal relationship or just enhance it, free cards can be delivered quickly but once again show your lack of care.

Personally I avoid such cards. I prefer to express my heartfelt messages by printed cards that I can personalize and where I have spent time and money carefully selecting the correct card for the recipient in mind. In doing so I know they feel special and appreciate my efforts. They also enjoy receiving cards the 'old fashioned' way - by mail.

Send free greeting cards if you are in a hurry. If you are about to miss a deadline, like somebody's birthday, then perhaps send a free card.But if you really want to make a statement of "I care" spend time and money and send a physical greeting card.

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