Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Use a Free Birthday Reminder to Send a Free Birthday Ecard

This article will be a guide on how to use free birthday reminder services. Again, just like what it says, it is free, no payments needed. And it is a reminder, which would mean, that if you have many friends or associates and wanted to greet all of them when their birthday comes, you can do so without missing a single birthday. You will also learn here how to send a free birthday Ecard. These are a fast and easy way of greeting a loved one on their birthday, on time. These are the steps for the betterment of the relationship between you and the birthday celebrant by greeting them on time:

1. First and foremost you need to have your own free birthday reminder account. All you need to do is register your email address to the service and you are good to go. After you register, just find and click the button "add birthday" so that you can start adding birthdays of anyone you like.

2. After clicking the button "add birthday," you need to input names or nick names of people that you wish to be sent a free birthday ecard. After putting their names you will also need to input each of their email addresses so that the service will be able to know where to send birthday greetings. Remember to specify the gender of each person's name and email that you input. After which you also need to input their birth dates.

3. When you have already clicked on the submit button, it will automatically save the reminder data in the website's calendar found in the homepage.

4. After the name of your friends, family members and loved ones appeared on the websites calendar, you will see four icons beside their names. The first icon is for theecard, the second icon is to share that reminder, the third is to edit the reminder and the last icon is to delete the reminder.

5. The first icon will allow you to send free birthday ecards to the people that you have listed in your reminder earlier. If you click the first icon, choices will appear on what type of greeting you want t send such as flashecard, Youtube video ecards, remember when? Ecards, photo ecards and the personalized singing ecards.

6. When you have finished choosing the ecard, it is then time to choose if the ecard is for her or for him. If you have done this, and would want to preview the ecard, just click on it and if it all set, just click on the send button.

7. Upon clicking on the send button, you will also have to fill the boxes with the recipient's name and email address. Last step is to click the send button. Don't worry, this is the last click on the send button. There you have it! A birthday reminder with a free birthday ecard.

Not many things are as fun as a b-day e-card []. But you won't know what it's like to give one if you don't do a free birthday reminder to remind you when all your loved one's birthdays are.

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